Visitor Management

Inventry Visitor Management

The InVentry visitor management  is the most trusted site access  system available, designed with and for educational clients. The fully-equipped, MIS compatible touch screen system allows you to accurately monitor who is in your school at any one time, with all information securely encrypted to a central database.

InVentry will work with Capita SIMS, Advanced Learning CMIS & Progresso, Bromcom, RM IntegrisG2 and iSAMS MIS systems.


With other key features such as MIS in classroom registration, Staff entry/exit, Fire Roll Call on portable device (IOS and Android), Out of school clubs and pre-booking visitors/events, InVentry is the ideal solution to manage and report the comings and goings at your school.


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If you need a visitor management system that speeds up the sign in process, keeps all information secure, and leaves you feeling confident that your students are safe and the school is Ofsted compliant, InVentry visitor management is the solution for you.

A commercial version giving a smooth, accurate and professional look to your reception is also available.

Key Features


Fire Roll Call

One click enables you to see who is in your building . Either by a print out or using the Inventry Anywhere App on an IOS device.


Inventry Anywhere

Incorporates mobile fire roll call, event management and out of school club registration.



Staff Notification

An automatic email can be sent to the respective member of staff when their visitor has signed in, complete with the visitors photograph.


Staff Management

Staff can sign in and out via the touch screen or via an ID card, this is then recorded for an accurate record of who is on site.


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Multiple Entrance Points

Sign in/out at different locations around the school with either an additional reception screen or a staff quick scan unit.


DBS Checks

Disclosure and Barring service . Inventry can be used as your central record of recruitment and vetting checks for staff and visitors. All DATA kept is fully encrypted.


MIS Integration

Inventry has the option of integration into various MIS systems. SIMs, IntegrisG4, ISAMs , Bromcom and Advanced Learning.


Student Latecomers

The system will record student late arrivals and early leavers allowing reasons to be registered. When used with SIMs integration late marks can be input into SIMs.