School Audit

Edge 4 Asset Management Software

School Audit will revolutionise the way you manage assets. Our software is smart and effective, and gives you access to live accurate data at all times

With unlimited users and locations, anyone with a smart device can carry out audit and compliance checks, add new assets, report damaged equipment, carry out health and safety compliance checks, all from one simple app.

School Audit is designed for all educational establishments that want to take control of their asset and compliance problems





Take control of your asset and compliance problems!

Reduce the time taken to manage and audit your assets by up to 75%. Use your smart phone or tablet to scan the QR code located outside a room. A full list of all the logged assets within the room will automatically display on the device allowing each item to be ticked off quickly and easily to complete the audit.

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Check Manager

Receive reminders and notifications to monitor checks for due asset tasks.

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Loan Equipment

Manage the status of assets to easily see current and previous locations.

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MAT Asset Solution

Access asset information from multiple sites using one single login.

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Document Storage

Attach digital documents to assets so they can easily be stored and retrieved.

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Audit Labels

Unlimited free audit labels throughout the duration of your subscription.

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Help Desk Integration

Easily report faults with equipment by scanning the QR code on the asset.

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Custom Reports

Easy to use reporting tool that can be exported as PDF or CSV format.

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Training & Support

Full UK support team available for any questions or queries.

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Disaster Recovery

Cloud based software keeps your asset data safe and secure.

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Fleet Checks

See what regular checks need to be done on your vehicles and get reminders.

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