Edge 4 Bosch camera 1

Edge 4 provide the very latest HD CCTV solutions.

No more grainy pictures that you cannot see from your CCTV system but crystal clear HD images that can even read a number plate, many being clear enough for identification purposes to get the most from your CCTV.

Video management software

VMS allows you to view or playback from anywhere on the IT network. Smart search for an incident saving your time going through unnecessary video footage.

Remote viewing on mobile devices is now available on all upgraded or new systems giving you access to your images and playback at all times.

Bosch BVMS
Edge 4 Hik-Vision cameras

Upgrade your analogue system to HD using your existing cabling making it a very cost effective, simple solution, or install a new IP system using high megapixel cameras which enable you to digitally zoom deeper into a picture before losing clarity.