Access Control

Want to keep strangers out of your building?

Properly installed Access Control fitted at your entrance lobby and/or other vulnerable doors can help you achieve this.

Using proximity cards to gain access through doors means you can control who goes where and at what times. For example cleaners can only gain access during their working hours where a Head Teacher or MD could require 24hr 365day access. You can also dictate which door people can access. Access control can also help with lock down procedures, an authorised member of staff can initiate an automatic door lock down from a pre-designated area.


Access plan animated
Edge 4 Access Software

You will also have a log of all usage through the doors including people trying to gain access outside their normal working hours.

Used in conjunction with a visitor management system, the proximity card can become multi functional by letting staff in and the same card will log them into the visitors system.

Using top of the range equipment from manufacturers such as Paxton (Net 2 Net 10), Videx & 2N IP intercoms you can be confident in the knowledge that using the correct equipment and having a first class installation will give you years of continuous use.