Lockdown Systems

What is lockdown?

Lockdown is the procedure adopted by a school or college in case of a daytime intruder, dangerous animal, chemical leak or any other circumstance that could cause harm to children or staff.

Ok you have a lockdown procedure, but how do you signal lockdown is in progress and what do you do once the danger has passed?

Some schools use a bell system utilising either the fire alarm or class change system. This is not an ideal way to signal lockdown as it could easily be confused with its original purpose. e.g. when a fire alarm is activated evacuation is implemented however if the lockdown signal is the same or slightly different tone it becomes very difficult to establish in the heat of the moment if the alarm is Fire (evacuate) or Lockdown (run & hide).

Is there a better way?

Yes, Edge 4 solutions can provide a lockdown system that announces in clear speech through speakers located around the building. This message can be configured specifically to your requirements. An all clear message can also be recorded letting staff know that everything is now OK.

Hand press


Instant Activation

The lockdown message can be triggered by staff from a key switch or buttons located in positions within the school normally in the main office and headteachers office. The message can be recorded in an MP3 format so can be customised to suit the schools requirements. An all clear message can also be used to let staff know that the building is now safe.

Edge 4 Sch Plan


Sound All Areas

Speakers can be ceiling or wall mounted around the school to suit the environment. External versions are also available to allow any staff and pupils in outside areas to be informed of the situation.

Speaker 3

Class Time Change

Play music or recorded sounds to automatically announce class changeover. Soothing background music can be played in between lessons.

Public Announcements

Staff can use a microphone to make general announcements through the speakers letting everyone know that a fire test is being activated or that a member of staff has a visitor in reception. This could also be used during a lockdown to let staff know more details as the situation changes.

microphone 1


Tailored Design

Our lockdown systems can be tailored to suit schools individual requirements and budgets. These can also be used with our access control systems to automatically lock and restrict access through doors.

We offer a free no obligation on site consultation where we can discuss your requirements and put together a full design solution for you.

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