Inventry Anywhere

InVentry anywhere includes mobile fire roll call, event management and out of school club registration.

Mobile Fire Roll Call text

Using the mobile fire roll call app is quick and easy. Just load the app when the fire alarm activates and an up to date list of all registered visitors, staff and students are visible from your mobile screen. Just touching on the name in the list will create a green tick against it, press submit and the list can be updated to the secure cloud server which in turn updates devices being used by other staff members. Multiple devices can be used so more than one staff member can register fire roll call at the same time.

Visitors Roll Call 1
Out of School Club

Keep a track of pupils who are in out of school clubs by using the Club Reg App. Using a PC or tablet pupils can be registered into each club simply by touching their name on the screen. Once added to the club members of staff can keep tabs of who is at that club via the main InVentry software.

Club Reg Ipad
Event Management

Pre booking events could not be easier. Using the InVentry main software events like parent evenings, governor’s meetings, group events can be pre-arranged within the calendar by adding groups or individuals. Invitation emails can then be sent out and the bar code on these invites can then be used to sign into the event using the scanner on the inVentry screen, either by printing out the invite or directly from your mobile. On the day of the event visitors can sign in using the supplied bar code or via the event tab on the main screen. Alternatively a tablet or PC can be used to easily log in the invitees directly from the event itself.

Event Management anigif